Former WPIX-TV News Director Sues Station, Says New York News Legends Kaity Tong, Marvin Scott and Sal Marchiano Were All Victims of Age Discrimination by the Station

Jun 15, 2010  •  Post A Comment

WPIX-TV has been hit with a $4.5 million lawsuit alleging age discrimination by former news director Karen Scott, 60, the New York Daily News reports.

Scott alleges she was fired last year because of her age and not for the reason she was given, which was lower news ratings, the report says. The suit claims that former WPIX general manager Betty Ellen Berlamino allegedly said of 72-year old reporter Marvin Scott, who is no relation to Karen Scott, "Why doesn’t he just retire already?" According to the article, WPIX anchor Tong, 59, was allegedly another target, with the station giving her more work in an attempt to get her to quit.

Says the article, "When [Sal] Marchiano left the station in 2008, WPIX said it was his decision. But he later said he was forced out. ‘Reports about my retirement were – and are – inaccurate,’ said Marchiano, a longtime fixture on the New York sports scene."

A spokeswoman for WPIX declined to comment, while Berlamino, who was fired earlier this month as owner Tribune sought to make some changes at the station, didn’t return a request for comment, the report says.


  1. Those feding ‘stars’ need a wakeup call! People in showbiz always work at the ‘pleasure’ of programming bosses. If your looks go, or your voice goes, you need to face reality, and step aside for someone who can fill the bill, and bring in the listeners.
    This doesn’t mean that the bosses are always right, but they ARE the bosses, and it is their job to put people on their air who can help the station’s bottom line.
    In San Diego the TV is full of either aging tired faces, or posturing ‘pretty boys,’ but you have to relize SOMEBODY has to be in charge. Air personalities are NOT interchangeable no matter what the union bosses think.

  2. you are so full of it, don’t even know what you are talking about! Shut up and just wait until you are older and this happens to you! Then, I want to listen what you have to say!!!

  3. Sadly, Red is right. I was in TV news for 30 years and a former news director. It’s show biz and you have to compete. It just ain’t fair but that’s why anchors have contracts- so you can get rid of them.

  4. TV personalities are no different than athletes. Once their contract is over there is no obligation on the employer to renew the contract. That is why the negotiations are always tough and the pay sometimes seems to be too much to the average person.

  5. Awww, I liked Kaity a lot. 🙁

  6. Beatrice, try to stay calm. and how old do I have to be to express my opinion? I am 90 now.

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