Looking to Cut Costs, CBS’ ‘Criminal Minds’ to Pare Female Cast Members

Jun 15, 2010  •  Post A Comment

In a cost-cutting maneuver, CBS’ "Criminal Minds" is paring its female cast members, opting not to pick up the option of series regular A.J. Cook and reducing the number of episodes for co-star Paget Brewster, reports Nellie Andreeva on Deadline.com.

That will leave only one full-time female cast member: Kirsten Vangsness, who portrays computer technician Penelope Garcia. The report says that there are talks with Brewster, who plays special agent Emily Prentiss, for a deal that would keep her on as a regular, although not appearing in every program.

There are also discussions with Cook, who portrays media liaison Jennifer Jareau, to appear in a few episodes to tie up her character’s story arc. The changes to the show, produced by CBS Television Studios, The Mark Gordon Company and ABC Studios, are part of CBS’ efforts to reduce series costs on its older and more expensive ensemble dramas, the article says.


  1. And it’s the women’s salaries that are the problem? I find that hard to believe. Why not cut back on the guys in the show–surely they earn WAY more than A.J. Cook.

  2. I am guessing that they have done their reseach and they know which characters have connected with their loyal viewers and those actors are not going to be cut.

  3. I agree with DG.. As much as I respect Paget Brewster and think she is a great actress.. I was more worried that Kirsten Vangsness was being written out. AJ Cook doesnt really need to be a part of the cast. Again, while she is a good actress.. she doesnt have much to offer with so much going on. Kirsten can be used in better ways. Hopefully she will get that, now that some of the female cast has been “weeded out”.

  4. So cutting the women because of salaries is smart? Oh boy. I don’t think CBS is going to be happy with the loss coming.
    Ratings, advertisers, programming..audience. Gonna happen.

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