Joan Rivers Sued by Former Manager

Jun 24, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Joan Rivers’ former personal manager has filed a lawsuit against the comedian claiming she owes him a substantial amount of money, reports TMZ.com.

Billy Sammeth takes credit for restarting Rivers’ slumping career, including getting her on NBC’s "Celebrity Apprentice." When Rivers was the victor on the show and received a $200,000 reward, Sammeth was reportedly not given his 10%. The manager is seeking a total of more than $179,000.

Rivers responded to TMZ, saying she is "confident that the judicial system will dispose of Mr. Sammeth’s lawsuit in the appropriate manner."



  1. Standing ovation for that piece of work Joan Rivers. Her new doc lives up to its high expectations- and beyond. I really enjoyed the depth of the film.

  2. As skeptical as I sometimes am of documentaries, I went and saw Joan’s. I was
    actually touched. She has a rough edge, but she’s built on something solid.

  3. Can We Talk? Dude I SAW Joan Rivers’ doc and SAW how Joan’s ex manager Billy did just disappear, and now he’s suing her because he doesn’t think he was financially compensated? Chh Billy pry your claws off of Joan’s success.

  4. Restart her career? You don’t know Joan Rivers! The woman has never lost her career. She has never stopped working. The first time I saw her was in a club in Chicago in 1979 during one of the worst blizzards in the history of the city. There were barely a dozen people there and she put on a show like it was 10,000. She is still doing more standup, to sold out audiences, all around the country than comics 5 years younger, 30 years later. And her jewelry has been selling like mad for over a decade. There is nothing to restart. She is one of the greatest comics of our lifetimes – right up there with Rickles.

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