‘Kilborn Files’ Underwhelms in Debut with 1.0 Rating Across Seven Fox-Owned Stations

Jun 30, 2010  •  Post A Comment

"The Kilborn Files" underwhelmed in the ratings with its debut on Monday night, pulling a 1.0 rating across the seven Fox-owned stations on which it aired, B&C reports.

Its best rating came from Austin, where the program pulled a 1.3 rating at 10 p.m. on KTBC-TV, the story says. Still, that represented a 73% loss from its lead-in and a 65% decline from the rating pulled by "The Simpsons" in the time slot a year earlier. The show pulled a 0.6 rating in Boston and a 0.7 rating in Los Angeles, the story adds.


  1. It received zero promotion in my market. Entertainment Weekly had an interview with Kilborn in the last issue. Outside of that, there was nothing to tell viewers in the Twin Cities (an area close to his hometown) that the show was even debuting.

  2. Give Kilborn some time !!! He will be great as always. I for one am very glad that he is back.

  3. BRING BACK THE SIMPSONS – KILBORN SUCKS!!!! It’s unwatchable…

  4. According to the show website, it’s only airing in 6 markets. With that kind of clearance, it’s no wonder it isn’t getting promotion or ratings….

  5. People can’t look for a show that they never heard of. There was zero promotion for this show. I would say a 1.0 was actually very good given the lack of promotion.

  6. the only reason i even found out about this show was that i google craig kilborn wondering what he’s up to every now and again so i’m pretty sure its an experiment in failure from the get go doesn’t seem like they’re really trying to make something of this show, which is sad because they could really have something great i mean with all the rumours about conan and fox before now he’s gonna be on tbs craig kilborn is really fox’s only chance to compete in the late night style talk show market but whatever it could have been great instead they make a half hearted effort and keep everyone in the dark. except for lazy simpsons fans who apparently can’t afford to go buy a dvd of a show thats been on for something like twenty odd years…. hopefully it still catches on

  7. Does this surprise anybody? What was Fox thinking when they decided to replace popular syndicated shows like The Simpsons and Seinfeld with yet another talk show (like there aren’t enough of them to begin with)? Even if they decided to choose someone talented to host a show, it still would have been a stupid move, but the fact that they chose Craig Kilborn to host is mind boggling. THE GUY ISN’T FUNNY. HIS WRITERS AREN’T FUNNY. You know the show is going to be pretty bad when they show previews for it on the local news and the jokes they choose to show him telling receive little or no laughs from the live audience. Fox, please put Kilborn (and the viewing public) out of our misery and forgo the rest of the 6 week trial. Oh, and hire me, because I have successfully predicted (with about a 95% accuracy) which Fox shows would succeed and which would fail over the past few years. stationssaver@gmail.com

  8. Steven,
    Get a grip. LOL.. It takes time for shows to grow. I have not heard much about Kilby’s new program, but like many on here, have missed him since his departure from “Late Late Show” back in 2004. I do agree with you on your predictions, but c’mon, please give Craigger’s a break…Thanks…

  9. Suck.suck.suck.

  10. Wouldn’t Fox have done better to hire a new, innovative comedian if they were trying to launch a new late night show rather than a long departed former late night host from another channel who hardly went out on top?
    Do they really think they are going to steal viewers from the other nets by putting on someone who never really stood out in the late night wars to begin with?
    Plus there’s the fact that Kilborn has the reputation of being one of the biggest assholes and most sexist men in television. And that’s not hearsay, I know women who have worked with him on his shows and their stories are pretty horrifying. Not that that affects ratings, necessarily, but it still sucks to see him of all people get another shot when there are so many hilarious comedians right now who would kill in a late night spot.

  11. Kilborn sucks! bring back re-runs of the Simpson’s!

  12. Stephen is right; when the live audience doesn’t even laugh, there’s going to be trouble. This is one of the lamest shows to appear on any network, at any time, in the last ten years. The jokes have no originality or punch, the setup is stale, there is no side talent, and (the now aged and waxen) Kilborn assumes that he’s hilarious if he just tilts his head with a smarmy smirk. This show is a monumental failure.

  13. I get it. as long as you’re a jerk you can get a half hour slot of you suckling the cold scaley right-teat of Chelsea handler or Kelly rippa. the people love their sharks and fox is willing to showcase their conservative caviar load. it’s what inadvertantly fuels the war in the middle east. I used to watch kilborn do the daily show but now he’s just a dick. I mean do what you gotta do to come back after a decade but at what cost?? if they wheeled out my big grinning face before newly cartoon-comfort depraved liberal masses to conduct a ratings experiment on the simpsons I’d be doomed to last 1 season too. between his new persona and the simpsons cancelation I’m busy doing other things between 6 and 8. if you want anyone to watch fox again in the prime time schedule, you’re gonna need the simpsons back. just do 6pm tmz, 630 kilborn and I’d actually consider watching, 7pm simpsons then Seinfeld. Orrrrrrr you could just let go the remainder of your liberal audience. hey… end the war.

  14. I love all the “b-but they didn’t promote the show!” excuses being made here. Ha ha!
    The fact is this show sucks so badly it wouldn’t matter if they bought prime-time roadblocks on all 4 major networks. It still would get lame ratings. Because it’s such a lame show.

  15. This show is weak, but what’s really awful is the lame banter between Craig and that chick. No matter, in a few weeks they’ll both be asking people if they want fries with that, anyway.

  16. yeah ok Red Eye… primetime is for families not daggermouthd Hollywood egos. give his spot to conan and call it even. or just hire hiremedaddy haha he’ll tell u what to do. hilarious

  17. wakka wakka wakka

  18. Give him some time. He is orig. and brings something new to TV. It would have been great if he took Conan’s spot after Letterman. Fallon IS what is HORRIBLE on the talk show circuit. He was in the right spot at the right time – unfortunetly Talent was there at the same time!

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