With Ratings in the Dumps, Will Anderson Cooper Be Next CNN Host to Depart?

Jun 30, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Despite trips to Haiti and the Gulf of Mexico, Anderson Cooper’s ratings remain in the doldrums and the CNN host is entertaining offers from other networks, TheWrap.com’s The Box blog reports.

Cooper, whose contract with CNN expires next year, has also been having frequent conflicts with his executive producer, David Doss, the article says. A CNN representative said it would "leave meaningless conjecture to The Wrap."

Other anchors are feeling resentment toward Cooper, the story adds. "Most of the anchors were jealous that Anderson Cooper sucked up resources by going to Haiti and the Gulf of Mexico, leaving them unable to build their profiles at the network," the piece says.


  1. Who cares? Who watches anything but Fox anymore?

  2. I am sorry to see Cooper leave. He usually had an interesting show and would ask some of the hard questions that usually aren’t asked on CNN. His ratings issues were more about what surrounded his program than his show itself. Hopefully, he will get a chance at a network that gives him a legitimate chance and a good lead-in.

  3. Ahhh, anyone with a brain that thinks for themselves and doesn’t need to be spoon-fed rightwing propaganda and lies and distortions rather than the facts and the truth!

  4. The guy is a drama queen, and I can’t watch him anymore. He dwells on unimportant stories, and constantly interrupts his interviewee.
    Bring back Aaron Brown, please!!!!

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