Report: AT&T’s New Data Plans Going Over ‘Like Root Canal’ with iPhone and iPad Owners.

Jun 4, 2010  •  Post A Comment

"AT&T’s newly unveiled wireless data caps are going over like a root canal with iPhone and iPad subscribers," says a report in ChannelWeb.com.

The article says there may also be unintended consequences to the AT&T move: " ‘Customers will be leery about using bandwidth-intensive apps for fear of AT&T’s ridiculous over-charges, which means less apps will be developed,’ said Quy Nguyen, CEO of Allyance Communications Networks, a solution provider in Irvine, Calif."

In another article on the subject, Molly Wood of CNET calls for universal data plans: "Between multiple cell phones, high-speed Internet connections, and even digital TV subscriptions, most households are now paying for data delivery at least three times over, and frequently paying the same provider twice. This is ridiculous, and it’s time for some major consolidation. It’s time for a universal data plan. I want to pay once (maybe twice) for data, I want that data to be unlimited, and I want to be able to use it in any fashion I choose."


  1. “AT&T’s New Data Plans Going Over ‘Like Root Canal’ with iPhone and iPad Owners.”
    And you’re surprised?

  2. How about this? People stop mindlessly rushing to the Apple store every time Steve Jobs makes another new product announcement and buying it without question.
    There are other smartphones besides the iPhone and there soon will be other multimedia devices than the iPad.
    Seriously, peeps need to learn to think for themselves, rather than acting like sheep.

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