Trump Is Seeking Lindsay Lohan to Star in the Next ‘Celebrity Apprentice’

Jun 10, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Donald Trump is pursuing Lindsay Lohan to star in the next season of "Celebrity Apprentice," the New York Post reports. 

The actress is mulling the offer. The troubled actress avoided jail this week after her alcohol-monitoring SCRAM bracelet was set off after the MTV Movie Awards show on Sunday when her bondsman posted 10 percent of the $200,000 bail required by a judge.

 Lohan’s mother, Dina, said, "Donald is a friend of the family, and producers of ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ have approached Lindsay to appear in the next season. She’s deciding if she wants to do it or not, but she currently has three films in production, so she’s very busy."

NBC declined to comment and added that it’s too early to talk about casting, the article said.


  1. Yeah, this would be just the thing to set Lindsay straight. Trump is the ultimate ghoul. And her mom’s an enabling pimp.
    The best thing for Lindsay would be commitment, followed by relocation with a new identity, as far away from the industry as possible. She’s a fame addict first.

  2. And that’s our show!
    G’night every body!

  3. Apprentice would do more for her career than playing Linda Lovelace doing Deep Throat. She should drop that movie and do Apprentice.

  4. I will stop watching this show if that train wreck is on it.

  5. I have been searching for specifics on Lindsay Lohan becoming discharged from jail and arrived here. All I will say is that we can all be pleased with the idea that Lindsay Lohan will be at long last out of imprisonment. She maintains a genuine crisis and is required to take these obligations. This situation is extremely hard for me to believe that lindsay lohan will uncover the way to tackle her crisis because the state government of California is certain that they can compel her. What she truly must have is narcotic abuse therapy. I pray that Lilo realizes peace. And I trust that everyone are not getting fooled if she is not just doing all of this simply to obtain mass media awareness…

  6. Music expresses that which can not be said and on which it is insufferable to be silent.

  7. Today I realized that Lindsay Lohan is now returning to treatment. It is possibly at least her 4th instance. I certainly have high hopes that Lilo may possibly make it this time around. The one thing Lindsay is heading for is much more incarceration or health problems. I too have faith that Lindsay is not simply proceeding through this for marketing purposes!!

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