Ump Stood There Like the House by the Side of the Road and Watched that One Go By: Blows Call on Potential Perfect Game. Outcry for Expanded Instant Replay for Baseball is Deafening

Jun 3, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Professional baseball has been broadcast on TV since TV’s earliest days. Now, finally, baseball may finally adopt a TV-based technology that other sports have embraced: expanded instant replay.

The latest outrage occurred in the bottom of the ninth inning on Wednesday in a game between the Detroit Tigers and Cleveland Indians. Detroit Tigers pitcher Armando Galarraga  was one out away from a perfect game.

A ground ball was hit and the runner was clearly thrown out at first base. Only the umpire, Jim Joyce, called the runner safe. After viewing a slo-mo replay after the game a tearful Joyce apologized to Galarraga for blowing the call and ruining the pitcher’s chance of a perfect game.

Though it would have been the third perfect game in professional baseball in about a month’s time period, they are actually very rare. It would have only been the 21st perfect game pitched in the history of major league baseball.

Here’s a video that someone who was watching the game posted on YouTube.The blown call comes near the end of the video, Since this is a home video of the guy watching the game, it’s filled with expletives when he sees the blown call, so be forewarned.

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