What David Chase, Creator of ‘The Sopranos,’ is Working On (Hint: It Involves Silvio)

Jun 18, 2010  •  Post A Comment

With the huge success of HBO’s "The Sopranos" there is always a lot of interest in the projects of show creator David Chase.

Here’s an update, courtesy "Little" Stevie Van Zandt, who played Silvio Dante on "The Sopranos." 

Van Zandt tells Frank DiGiacomo of the New York Daily News’ Gatecrasher that Chase is NOT working on a film version of "The Sopranos," but IS working on a movie involving Van Zandt’s other life–music. Van Zandt is, of course, a member of Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band.

According to the article, "The project is a rock-driven story ‘about a band growing up in New Jersey in the ’60s,’ says Van Zandt. Chase will direct for Paramount, and the E Street Band member will serve as the music supervisor. ‘Anything that’s played, I will produce it,’ says Van Zandt, a key architect of the Jersey Shore sound, who has produced records by Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes and Jackson Browne as well as Springsteen. He says Chase has just started casting and expects to start filming later in the year, and when he does assemble his band of actors, Van Zandt will teach them ‘how to become a band,’ adding: ‘Hopefully we find actors that can play.’ The movie’s sound, he explains, will be ‘garage rock – like early Stones, Beatles and Kinks.’

No word if The Boss himself will be involved in any way with the project.


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