With Game-Changing Wrong Calls by Refs at World Cup Games, President of Soccer’s Governing Board Says It Will Look at Instituting Video Replays

Jun 29, 2010  •  Post A Comment

"With pressure for video replay mounting after two blatant missed calls at the World Cup, FIFA president Sepp Blatter says soccer’s governing body will reopen the issue after the tournament," says an Associated Press story.

FIFA–the Fédération Internationale de Football Association–is soccer’s global governing body.

Blatter was personally in the crowd to witness two blatant missed calls during recent World Cup matches, the report says. One was a goal made by the England team against Germany that the referee missed. The other was a goal given to Argentina during its match against Mexico when there was an obvious offside.

Said Blatter, according to the report, the FIFA "deplores ‘when you see the evidence of refereeing mistakes.’ It would be ‘a nonsense’ not to consider changes, he said."

According to the report, Blatter said the International Football Association Board would consider changes at a July meeting in Cardiff, Wales. "Naturally we will take on board again the discussion about technology," Blatter said, adding that the system could not be altered midway through the World Cup. ‘Something has to be changed.’ "

Furthermore, the report noted that FIFPro, which represents soccer players, wants referees to have "access to high-tech assistance. ‘The entire football world once again reacted with disbelief to FIFA’s stubborn insistence that technology does not belong in football,’ FIFPro said. ‘The credibility of the sport is at stake.’ "

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