At Phoenix Airport, Travelers Won’t Be Able to Watch CNN or Fox News Anymore

Jul 30, 2010  •  Post A Comment

The Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport in Arizona is banning both Fox News and CNN from the terminal’s flat-screen televisions, reports the Arizona Republic.

"Fox and CNN generate complaints because some passengers see them as politically biased," says spokesman Brian Sexton, according to the article.

Instead, the airport is giving a contract to ProDIGIQ Inc., which will air flight information and traveling programming on the TV screens that aims to be politically neutral, the story says.


  1. Love it. This will really irritate those who think Fox is biased but that CNN is neutral. At last someone has the guts to say that all of the news channels have an ideological bent (which they do). I suppose the better solution would have been to turn off the volume, turn on the closed-captioning, and run CNN and Fox side-by-side (or on the alternate sides of the aisle, left and right).

  2. Hrm…Where is MSNBC in this debate? Why not just play that? I mean, according to the article, it’s not banned. Maybe the staff at the airport is left leaning?

  3. Just another example of the left-wing pinkos telling us what to think.
    November 12 is becoming more and more of a ‘watershed’ day. This might be our last chance to save the country.

  4. Step away from the crackpipe Red.

  5. I find them all irritating, especially in the morning. The audio’s too loud so I can’t sit near my gate. Morning shows are so inane that the “friendly banter” is lost. Weather, silent headlines, or even silent commercials are preferable. I don’t care about politics. If you want that stuff at the airport, watch it on your phone.

  6. Good grief. Now you will really get complaints. Get real. All media are biased

  7. Oh Red. When will you learn that be it left or right, when they ALL get into office it becomes all about the money and nothing about you. (Except to rile up your blood in order to get your vote.)

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