William Shatner to CBS: Stop Pussyfooting Around and Use the S Word

Jul 30, 2010  •  Post A Comment

William Shatner, who stars in the new CBS comedy "“$#*! My Dad Says,“ is not happy about the title of the show, reports ScreenCrave.com.

At at preview screening of the show on Wednesday, July 28, Shatner said he wants $#*! replaced by a common expletive, according to the story: "“You know what I wish?" Shatner said, "I wish they’d call it ‘Shit’. “The word shit is all around us,” he continued. “It isn’t a terrible term. Why are we pussyfooting?”

Shatner may not be versed in various rules of the Federal Communications Commission.


  1. …and the writer of this article may not be versed in the decision from a few weeks ago that throws those rules out the window.

  2. Funny…I only have to link back to a TVbizwire article for that information.

  3. Still doesn’t mean they can use it.

  4. Hmm. I’m not a lawyer (though I’d love to play one on TV), but I think until the U.S. Supreme Court rules otherwise, its decision in FCC vs. Pacifica–that’s the George Carlin seven dirty words case–would prevent CBS from calling a show “Shit My Dad Says,” particularly a program that airs before 10 pm. Not to mention the reaction CBS would get in the court of public opinion.

    Chuck Ross
  5. Simple compromise: call it “Shat My Father Says.”

  6. Crap My Dad Says would probably work too.

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