‘Don’t Forget The Lyrics!’ Enlists Social Networking Site as Casting Partner

Jul 21, 2010  •  Post A Comment

For the upcoming syndicated run of "Don’t Forget The Lyrics!" one way for fans to audition for the program will be via MySpace Karaoke, reports WebNewser.

Twentieth Television inked a deal with MySpace Karaoke to make the social networking site its official casting partner. MySpace users will be able to upload their karaoke performances of one of five songs and submit them to "Don’t Forget The Lyrics" as a sample of their work.

Mari Bower, MySpace executive director of business development and MySpace Karaoke general manager, blogged about the arrangement, saying, "Karaoke is something we’ve all probably done at some point in our life, maybe unwillingly, but we’ve all done it! … MySpace Karaoke is excited to announce its television debut as the official casting partner of Twentieth Television’s musical game show ‘Don’t Forget the Lyrics!’"



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