‘Iron Chef’ Accused of Cheating Workers

Jul 23, 2010  •  Post A Comment

One of Food Network’s "Iron Chefs" has been accused by two former workers in his restaurant in Greenwich Village of cheating them out of wages, reports the New York Post.

Stephanie Capsolas, a former waitress at Mario Batali’s Babbo restaurant, and Hernan Ricardo Alvarado, a former kitchen runner, claim that they were deprived of overtime pay and forced to share gratuities with co-workers in the restaurant who were not entitled to a share. The workers filed a suit Thursday against Batali in Manhattan federal court.


  1. Waitstaff forced to share tips with the ‘kitchen serfs! What’s next? Actually paying them minimum wage and doing away with tipping altogether, as is done in Europe? Hah! Not too likely.

  2. WOW!! As a chef never in my life did i here of such a thing although my boss put on everybill a service charge and kept it all!! he should be in jail!! 1000’s of dollars!!

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