Veteran Journalist Daniel Schorr Dies

Jul 23, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Daniel Schorr, a longtime Washington journalist who broke major stories at home and abroad during the Cold War and Watergate and often stirred controversy with his reporting, has died at 93, NPR reported.


Schorr joined CBS News in 1953, recruited by Edward R. Murrow, and later opened the CBS bureau in Moscow. His first television interview was with Soviet Communist Party leader Nikita Khrushchev in 1957, which aired on “Face the Nation.” He was later denied re-entry to the Soviet Union after leaving the country because of its censorship laws.

He appeared on President Richard M. Nixon’s enemies list in the 1970s and read that list aloud on live TV, apparently being surprised when he came across his own name.

He remained with CBS until 1976, when he became involved in a controversy that ultimately led to his resignation from the network. In that incident he made public a secret report on alleged illegal FBI and CIA activities, and later refused to testify before Congress or to identify his source, citing the First Amendment. His actions angered CBS executives and led to his departure from the network in September 1976.

He later worked for CNN before becoming senior news analyst for NPR.


  1. And he was nearly fired by CBS in 1964 for reporting -—incorrectly—- that Barry Goldwater was said to “travel to Germany to join-up with the right-wing there,” and visit “Hitler’s one-time stomping ground” in Berchtesgaden. But, hey, he was ultra-liberal so you can expect him to be lionized for the next few days by the mainstream media, under the theory that any enemy of Nixon must be a friend.

  2. One less left-wing pinko to worry about.

  3. I see a couple of right-wing tools sitting in mom’s basement managed to maneuver their Cheetos-stained fingers onto a keyboard and add classless comments. And no typos, either!

  4. Another of “Murrow’s Boys” is gone. They were the ones who set the standards for and created broadcast journalism. He will be missed by all who believe good journalism is not about sensationalism to drive up the numbers to please the bean counters who have taken over the industry. As for the neo-con comment makers, they don’t know enough about true journalism to even qualify to comment on this man, who was a true broadcast journalist, and his work.

  5. Boy you two guys really want me to become a Republican by your respectful and pithy comments. I hope people comment like you do on your deaths.
    For shame! And I’m not even a liberal.

  6. If every American were as intellectually curious and well-informed as Daniel Schorr, this would be a vastly different and much improved country.

  7. No one is perfect. But despite a couple of mistakes, Dan Schorr was considered by the public and most of his peers as an outstanding newsman. That is how I will remember him and hopefully so will most other people.

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