As Other Channels Abandon the Arts and Culture Niche, One Cable Net Turns It Into a Formula for Growth

Aug 24, 2010  •  Post A Comment

At a time when other networks have abandoned the goal of providing arts coverage to TV viewers, one independent arts and culture cable network has been adding advertisers and homes during the past few years, reports the Los Angeles Times‘ Meg James.

The network is Ovation, which has grown from a reach of 5 million homes in 2007 to 42 million homes today, representing about half of all U.S. homes with cable and satellite service.

While Bravo and A&E gave up their arts coverage goals to target a broader audience with dramas and reality shows, Ovation has stayed loyal to its mission, the story says.

Still, persuading pay-TV operators to carry Ovation has presented its challenges, and several major providers such as Cox Communications haven’t added the network, the article points out. Ovation’s niche might have its benefits: While every other cable network apparently chases the same viewer, Ovation might find success by standing out from the crowd.

Still, it’s unclear what the size of the network’s audience will be, since Nielsen won’t include public ratings for Ovation until later this year, the story points out.


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