Blogs and Twitter Feeds Become Source of TV Inspiration — but Success Isn’t a Sure Thing

Aug 16, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Blogs and Twitter feeds are becoming a new source of inspiration for the entertainment industry, but successfully translating a feed based on 140-character messages into television show or film isn’t necessarily a sure thing, reports the Los Angeles Times.

For every "$#*! My Dad Says," the television show based on a Twitter feed, there’s Stuff White People Like, a blog that was turned into a best-selling book but whose television rights lapsed without reaching development, the story says.

So what translates from blogs and Twitter feeds to television? The same traits as with other media: "artistry, consistency, talent and innovation," the story says.

Blogger Heather Armstrong, who writes the parenting blog Dooce and has a development deal with HGTV, says, "What this medium has done is it’s given a lot of us who wouldn’t have been paid attention to, whose resumes or transcripts would have been tossed aside, and given us our own platform to say, ‘I have something to say and I want to see what happens if I put it out to people’."

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