Showrunner Departs CBS Show Amid Creative Differences with Veteran TV Star

Aug 6, 2010  •  Post A Comment

 "Blue Bloods" showrunner Ken Sanzel is leaving the CBS show after running into creative differences with star Tom Selleck, reports Nikki Finke at Deadline.com.

A former cop, Sanzel wanted mold the show into a crime procedural, while Selleck wanted a program that delved into character exploration, the story says. Selleck also wished to be in charge of the program, it adds.

Sanzel, who had been a longtime "Numb3rs" showrunner, had been selected by CBS and CBS Studios to work on the program and doesn’t yet have a date for when he’s leaving, the article adds.

Selleck wants to find "his guy" to take on the role, although the episode is embarrassing for the network because it’s not only one of its more high-profile new shows but is also executive produced by CBS Corp. board member Leonard Goldberg, the article says.


  1. When the tail thinks it’s wagging the dog, you’ve got a problem. Tom Selleck should be grateful anyone wants to make anything with him in it – time to wise up and listen to people who are actually the creatives (and can help resuscitate your career.)

  2. You critics are too hard on ol’ Tom. Remember, he’s not too bright, which is why he confuses tall with talented.

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