CBS Counting on Familiar Theme Music to Help Push New Show

Aug 30, 2010  •  Post A Comment

CBS is counting on the well-known theme music from a popular 1970s show to help draw viewers to the new version of the show, which will debut this fall, reports The New York Times.

Composed by CBS executive Morton Stevens in the 1960s, the theme song to "Hawaii Five-0" (to listen to it, click here) is familiar even to people who don’t recognize the show, the story says.

About 70% of people over the age of 35 are familiar with the show, the story says. The downside? About 70% of people under 35 don’t know the show, the story reports, citing CBS Corp. Chief Marketing Officer George F. Schweitzer.

“When we asked what was the expectation for a remake, people said, ‘I want to see the crime-fighting, I want to see Hawaii, and play me the song.’” Schweitzer said.

The promotional campaign for the show will include theme-song elements, such as a contest called Hawaii Five-0 Marching Band Mania and ads that will play as people walk by bus shelters and store windows, the article says. There will also be free ringtones to cellphone users who text H50 to 69937, as well as clips on YouTube, the story adds.


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