CNN Deal with Piers Morgan May Be Announced this Week, and How Katie Couric Missed out on the Spot

Aug 2, 2010  •  Post A Comment

CNN may announce it has hired Piers Morgan to replace Larry King for the 9 p.m. weekday slot as early as this week, although negotiations are still ongoing, reports the New York Times.

While Morgan pulled some strings with NBC to make the job a possibility, "CBS Evening News" anchor Katie Couric found herself unable to move from CBS until 2011, when her contract expires, the story says.

Couric and Morgan had both been considered for King’s replacement, with Couric at first thought to be a natural fit since her contract with CBS ends in June 2011, a month after King’s would end. But that scenario was dashed when King decided to end "Larry King Live" this fall, the article says.

Still, CNN executives would still like to see her at the network, the story points out. Ideas range from a news-sharing agreement between CNN and CBS to perhaps Couric taking over the 7 p.m. slot on CNN, where "John King, USA" is now underperforming, the article adds.


  1. How the heck could Katie do a 7:00 show on CNN when she’s doing the CBS Evening News until 7:00?

  2. When her CBS contract is up will be the same time the Piers Morgan experiment will end and she can come in as a savior. It will actually work out great for her.

  3. Katie world fail on CNN as well. she was lucky she was on today show where the show made her.she didn’t make the show.she should haveearned from bryNt gumbel

  4. Dear Hatekatie,
    Why hate? Why not read a book and learn how to spell????

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