Zucker on the Future and the Past of NBC. He Says the Network Can Get Back in the Game: ‘I think we didn’t have the right management team in place, and we hadn’t allocated enough resources to the team’

Aug 2, 2010  •  Post A Comment

NBC Universal chief Jeff Zucker has given a wide-ranging interview to the Wall St. Journal, in which he admits poor management has been partly responsble for NBC’s primetime woes. "I think we didn’t have the right management team in place, and we hadn’t allocated enough resources to the team," Zucker said. 

Since the Wall St Journal is behind a firewall and may charge you to read this article, we also refer you to the summary in The Hollywood Reporter.

Regarding  his own future with the NBC Universal after the COmcast deal closes he said that while " ‘nobody is entitled to any job,’ he is looking forward to being CEO of NBC Uni ‘for quite some time,’ even though there have been recurring rumblings that he may get replaced after the deal closes.

The article also has Zucker "Discussing the broadcast business…[and saying] his company has been pouring more money into it again thanks to retransmission fees that cable and satellite TV operators have started paying broadcasters. ‘That will help change the economics of broadcasting,’ he said.

"But he also emphasized that many programs only get to have one run on a broadcast network in the digital age, which has made it tougher to make content investments pay off. "’e have to figure out how we are going to pay for this quality content,’ Zucker told the Journal. ‘I do not think that it is a foregone conclusion that content should be free on the Internet.’ "


  1. Who has been in charge of hiring the management team for most of the last decade, Jeff?

  2. pass the blame loser Jeff. management is bad at the top.comcast will get rid of him as soon as deal closes.

  3. Just for the way NBC has ruined the Weather Channel should be just cause for Comcast to fire Zucker as soon as they take over. If I want to see Al Roker…..I will turn on the Today Show. They have absolutely taken what was the Weather Channel and turned it into the Today Show network. AWFUL

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