Famously Estranged Father-Daughter Pair–One an Oscar Winner, the Other a Nominee–Ready to Do Reality Show

Aug 5, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Despite their well-publicized estrangement, a celebrity father and daughter are talking about a mutual career resurrection by co-starring in a reality television show called "Lost and Found," reports UPI.

The celebrities are actors Ryan and Tatum O’Neal. If the show goes ahead they would live together in Ryan O’Neal’s Malibu home and let the cameras capture the fireworks that ensue.

Ryan O’Neal, who was a big box-office star in the 1970s, appeared on screen with daughter Tatum in the 1973 comedy "Paper Moon." Tatum won an Oscar for that film, and starred in many more after that success.

Ryan O’Neal received an Oscar nomination for “Love Story” in 1971.

Tatum O’Neal’s relationship with her father has always been problematic, and she has accused Ryan of emotional abuse.


  1. This is a sad idea. It is unfortunate that either for financial or ego reasons they need to do something as phoney as this to get on TV. Tatum has demonstrated she still has the acting chops in Rescue Me the last few seasons. WHy expose herself to this type of emotional drama publicly?

  2. No, no. Bad, bad idea. Tatum, we have scripts for you, and Ryan, if you want work speak up.

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