Howard Stern Will Love This Story: Director of Apple’s App Store Sells Fart Apps on the Side

Aug 19, 2010  •  Post A Comment

The director of Apple’s App Store has a side company which sells fart apps, Wired reports.

According to the article, "Phillip Shoemaker, director of applications technology at Apple, who runs the App Store process, sells iPhone apps in the App Store under the company name Gray Noodle…Titles include a fart app called Animal Farts [and] a urination simulator called iWiz…."

The article continues, "Shoemaker, who has been frequently cited in news stories as one of the top decision makers enforcing rules when evaluating apps for approval or rejection, did not respond to a phone call or an e-mail requesting comment."

The story adds, "[I]t comes off as hypocritical that a director of the App Store sells apps that some might call inappropriate, said Ben Kahle, developer of Me So Holy, a satiric religious app that Apple rejected in mid-2009 for containing ‘objectionable material.’ Kahle said after he re-submitted the app to the store, an Apple employee called him and said Me So Holy would ‘never’ be approved.

“ ‘If they’re going to do things like this why can’t I do apps like Me So Holy?’ Kahle said. ‘Especially when the guy in charge is doing shit like this.’ ”

Finally, Wired posted this Update to its story: "When informed of our story, Shoemaker purged his Twitter account cited throughout the story and updated his LinkedIn profile to remove mention of Gray Noodle. However, Wired.com archived the webpages, available for download [zip]. Also, a cached version of his LinkedIn profile and multiple iPhone app aggregation websites point to Shoemaker as the owner of Gray Noodle."


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