Legendary Football Coach Jimmy Johnson Credits ‘Survivor’ With Saving his Life

Aug 10, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Jimmy Johnson, the Fox Sports analyst and legendary football coach, has confirmed that he is a contestant on the new season of "Survivor" — and credits the show with saving his life, reports USA Today.

Johnson, who coached the Dallas Cowboys to Super Bowl victories, said he wanted to get on t he show six years ago and was tentatively accepted three years ago, with the requirement of a physical, the story says.

That exam found that one of his heart arteries was completely blocked and another one was 70% obstructed. He had surgery a week later.

According to the article,  Johnson said " ‘Survivor’ may have saved my life."

Johnson couldn’t disclose how long he lasted on the show, which is set in Nicaragua, but told UUSA Today that the rest of the cast at first thought he was a lookalike. When they realized it was Johnson, he says, "They asked me why I put myself through those hardships when I didn’t need the money. I told them it wasn’t about the money, it was about the adventure."


  1. Is ‘UUSA Today’ twice as good as USA Today? 🙂

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  3. Finally I had a chance to watch this past week’s episode of Survivor on CBS. I observed Jimmy wind up being sent back to the States. He definitely did not survive very long. I thought that Dan really should have been voted out he is honestly under pressure. I really don’t think Jimmy J. has been a threat this early on in the game. Jimmy Johnson was by far the most prolific players considering his history as a National Football League coach. These people could possibly have kept him around for a longer period.

  4. Via a guest appearance, Jimmy Johnson is already stating that he did not have any indication that the males did not follow him. Coach Jimmy decided that he needs to have created an alliance with the female players. On a happy note, Jimmy Johnson reportedly lost more than thirty lbs of excess weight.

  5. Now that Coach Jimmy has been voted off of this year’s showing of Survivor, it’ll be all about about Na Onka. This girl might be the individual player that we’re all likely to like to loathe. This week’s airing promises to become one to always remember!!!

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