This We Gotta See: Major Japanese Manufacturer Says Look for 3D TV Sets WITHOUT GLASSES By Year’s End

Aug 24, 2010  •  Post A Comment

A Japanese TV set maker says it will have a set on the market by year’s end that does not require viewers to use glasses to see shows in 3D,  the Daily Yomiuri Online reports.

The manufacturer is Toshiba, and the release of these TV sets is expected to fire up the 3D market, the article says. 

Toshiba says it will introduce three models, including one with a 21-inch screen, according to the report. The release will be timed to take advantage of the holiday shopping season. It was unclear from the article if that means that sets will only be on-sale in Japan this year.

According to the article, "Toshiba has developed an integral imaging system that emits rays of light at different angles, allowing viewers’ brains to recreate 3-D images without special glasses. The new technology also will enable viewers to enjoy 3-D content from numerous viewing positions, and the images will not strain the eyes, the sources said."

Furthermore, the story says, "According to the sources, Toshiba plans to use high-definition panels so that three-dimensional images–fast-moving images being one example–can be seen with the naked eye. All existing 3-D content, including high-resolution digital images, will be playable on the new TVs, the sources said."


  1. In May there was a demo of the no glasses 3D technology by Samsung. https://www.tvweek.com/blogs/tvbizwire/2010/05/must-see-3d-samsungs-stunning.php

  2. Thanks, Digital Guy…actually, as we noted at that time, to see that major outdoor 3D display one indeed needed to wear special glasses.

    Chuck Ross
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