The Real Lesson of the Groundbreaking Series ‘Twin Peaks’? ‘Not Every Mystery Should Be Solved’

Aug 25, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Michael Glitz in the Los Angeles Times takes a look back at the ground-breaking television series "Twin Peaks," which he writes, "hit network television with the impact of a meteor 20 years ago." 

While the show’s enigmatic characters and plots are now seen as laying the groundwork for successors such as "Lost" and "The X-Files," there’s another lesson to be learned from the show, Glitz writes.

"Not every mystery should be solved," he points out. After Laura Palmer’s killer was revealed in the middle of the second season, interest in the show plunged, the article says. The show ultimately came to an end after two seasons. That lesson was noted by shows such as "Lost," which later extended mysteries across the entire course of a series. But whether "Twin Peaks" will be revived remains doubtful, Glitz writes.

"I don’t think it’s going to happen," says co-creator David Lynch. His co-creator Mark Frost says that while he’s discussed reviving the show over the ensuing years, "at this point, it feels best to let bygones be bygones."

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  1. I do miss that log lady!
    Hey HBO, how about reviving Carnivale? Talk about leaving us hanging!!!

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