What Would Papa Smurf Do? Probably Not What Cartoon’s Importer Did — Attempt to Extort Son-in-Law for $11 Million

Aug 13, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Stuart Ross, who brought the Smurfs to the U.S. in the 1980s, took a no-jail plea in a case that involved extorting his son-in-law, a private equity executive with Blackstone Group, reports the New York Post.

Ross denied a likeness to the Smurf’s arch-enemy Gargamel as he left court, the story says. "My name isn’t Gargamel," Ross said as he left court. "Remember, it’s Papa Smurf."

Ross may serve two or three years of probation in the case, which, according to court papers, involved him menacing his daughter and her husband with demands for millions.

Ross admitted he tried to squeeze his son-in-law, Blackstone senior managing director David Blitzer, for $5.5 million in return for not bothering the family and for an additional $5.5 million to stop contacting Blitzer and Blackstone, the story says.

While Ross’ investment in the Smurfs had made him millions, he subsequently lost the fortune, the article adds.

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