Report: Zucker Out in 100 Days; Ex-Showtime Programmer Greenblatt To Take Over NBC Network; More

Sep 17, 2010  •  Post A Comment

[UPDATE: Changes Headline 8:20 AM, 9/17/10]

Comcast is preparing to put a new regime in place at NBC Universal sometime this fall, before it closes on purchasing the media company, reports Claire Atkinson at the  New York Post

Former Showtime executive Robert Greenblatt will run the NBC network, the story says. Greenblatt formerly was executive vice president of primetime at Fox and helped develop Showtime hits such as "Dexter," the story says.

Jeff Zucker, NBC Universal’s chief executive, will be spending his last 100 days at the company and will leave after the deal closes, the article adds.

Bonnie Hammer and Lauren Zalaznick will stay at NBC Universal and split responsibility for cable entertainment.

NBC News President Steve Capus may be stepping up to a bigger job, perhaps including oversight for CNBC, the story says.

NBC Olympics chief Dick Ebersol will remain to help with Comcast’s Olympic goals, and Comcast’s current top programming executive, Jeff Shell, is being offered a position under Ebersol, the story adds.

The story does not say whether Jeff Gaspin, chairman of NBC Universal Television Entertainment, whose current responsibilities include oversight of the NBC network as well as the NBCU entertainment cable properties, will stay with the company.

Aktinson’s story is based on sources and not official NBCU or Comcast comments.


  1. Very interesting. Ted Harbert deserves something bigger. What happened to Gas Bag Dave Cassaro’s promotion to king of all sales? It was floated early on, by him I would guess, but that seems to have been forgotten in all this talk. By two miles, he is the wrong choice to lead this enterprise….King of the Sand Baggers is more like it.

  2. Consider the source. This is coming from the NY Post, mouthpiece of Fox/Rupert Murdoch. Don’t misunderstand me, any news about that bald-headed troll leaving the helm is good news, but I would take the rest of if with a giant grain of salt, if not the entire shaker.

  3. Claire Atkinson is pretty well wired. Don’t let the fact that its the Post make you a disbeliever.

  4. Now that they’ve chopped off the head at 30 Rock, they need to get rid of the bottom-feeders too. Zucker’s been carrying a lot of dead weight over there in the form of yes-men, telling him for years that his decisions were the right ones and now they’ve got to go, too.

  5. Finally!

  6. they need to get rid of steve capus rather than add duties. zucker leaving is a welcome change for everyone at nbc.

  7. I mean, I could see all this fuss over the guy if he’d led Jersey to the Finals

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