Kids TV Watch Group Asks FCC to Block Cartoon TV Show, Saying It’s Just a Skechers Ad

Sep 15, 2010  •  Post A Comment

The Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood has asked the Federal Communications Commission to block a cartoon television show because the group claims it’s only an ad for Skechers children’s shoes, reports the Associated Press.

The show, called "Zevo-3," is scheduled to debut Oct. 11 on cable network Nicktoons and follows three teenagers who save New Eden City from evil monsters.

The heroes have previously appeared in TV ads and comic books promoting the children’s shoes, the story says. According to the complaint, "Zevo-3" is "the first children’s television program starring characters that are known to children only as commercial logos and spokescharacters."

The show doesn’t include overt sales pitches for the shoes, according to Kristen Van Cott, co-executive producer of "Zevo-3" and a senior vice president of Skechers Entertainment. Nicktoons spokesman David Bittler said, "This show does not violate the Children’s Television Act."


  1. This is all much ado about nothing.
    Wow, kids want things they see advertised on TV. What a surprise. They’re kids… they want things. They don’t have to see anything advertised in order to want it. All they have to do is see it. Ever see a screaming kid in a toy store… or any store? They saw something they wanted, and mom or dad isn’t giving it to them.
    There isn’t an American who grew up since the advent of television, who hasn’t grown up being pitched stuff by cartoon/kid show characters. The vast majority of us have turned out ok. Although the simple-minded, looking for simple answers and quick fixes (which don’t exist in the real world), will inevitably and vociferously disagree.
    There is absolutely no causal relation between being advertised to as a child and any sort of negative behavior that requires any regulation of children’s programming.
    It’s just another load of manipulative BS from the control freaks of the social engineering crowd.

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