Legendary Game Show Host Collapses at Gun Range

Sep 17, 2010  •  Post A Comment

A TV legend who made a career out of hosting popular game shows collapsed Thursday while he was at a Los Angeles shooting range, TMZ.com reported.

Bob Barker, 86, had reportedly been shooting when he fainted. He was said to be conscious when help arrived, and was taken to Cedars-Sinai Hospital by ambulance.

Barker is best known for his 35-year run as the host of TV’s "The Price Is Right."

A spokesperson for Barker initially said that he had keeled over because of a reaction to blood-thinner medication. Later, Barker said he had been dehydrated. He was reportedly released from the hospital and planned to rest at home for a while.


  1. This must have been written by someone who was like 14. Why would you not put “Bob Barker” in the headline? You push it to paragraph two? He hosted “popular game shows” without mentioning TPIR until paragraph four?? Are you serious?

  2. Well even if Bob Barker was not mentioned in the headline or first paragraph, I still was curious and clicked on this article. What is the status of Ole’ Bob now? At 86 I think he is doing pretty good.

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