Finally, a Successor to ‘The Larry Sanders Show’

Oct 12, 2010  •  Post A Comment

E! announced that it has ordered eight episodes of a new comedy show that appears as though it will follow in the tradition of “The Larry Sanders Show,” New York Magazine reports.

The show will star Chelsea Handler and will follow her talk show “Chelsea Lately,” the story reports.

Like Garry Shandling’s HBO sitcom "The Larry Sanders Show," the new series will be a scripted situation comedy about the behind-the-scenes zaniness surrounding the daily grind of putting on a talk show.


  1. These two shows won;t even be in the same league. How do you compare “The Larry Sanders” show to his? E is by far the worst entertainment channel on TV.

  2. The show may indeed be awful, but how do you judge a show before it’s even on the air?

  3. 1) AJ: This article is judging the show before it’s on the air, by saying it will be on the same par.
    2) It doesn’t matter if it hasnt aired yet. It involves Chelsea Handler. She’s not the worst out there, but the quality of her work is simplistic, and it’s an insult to compare her to Garry Schandling.

  4. How can you even write the title of this article without your fingers rebelling

  5. Chelsea is totally HOT, yet can act insecure like Gary. She is WAY better eye candy too!!!
    Look forward to seeing her scratch un-selfconciously during casual conversations about “nothing”.

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