Meredith Vieira Says She’s Not Afraid to Leave ‘Today’ When her Contract Expires (Geeze. Whatever Happened to ‘Be Afraid. Be VERY Afraid…’)

Oct 15, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Meredith Vieira tells the Ladies’ Home Journal that she’s not afraid to leave "Today" when her contract expires at the end of next year.

As previously reported, there have been whisperings that Vierra may not return to the show and that NBC might make a play to have Katie Couric back on the program.

"I’ll know when it’s time to go, and I’m not afraid to go," Vieira said, according to the article. ""If I were to leave at the end of next year because it’s time for me, I wouldn’t jump into another show." Vieira says that instead she’d travel with her husband and look forward to not working.

The piece also notes that she’s resisted Botox and plastic surgery, although she thinks her colleagues believe she should undergo such procedures. "They’ve probably thought it, but nobody has said it," she said. "When I came back from vacation, some people said, ‘Did you have work done?’ They looked so relieved. I told them, ‘No, I slept.’"


  1. I applaud Meredith’s resisting the artificial means to “stay young”. So many people underestimate the benefit of a good night’s sleep. No wonder why they still call it “beauty rest”.

  2. If Meredith decides to leave, NBC has a perfect replacement already on staff. I’d watch Amy Robach any day!! She’s warm, friendly, & a hottie to boot!

  3. I cant believe the NHL is going to risk losing one of the best players in his prime to the KHL

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