Oprah Sends Jon Stewart’s Audience to Washington D.C. for Rally; Also, Whether Satire, Entertainment, or Genuine Political Event, Jon Stewart’s Rally Will Receive National TV Coverage

Oct 15, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Oprah Winfrey on Thursday, Oct. 15, 2010,  surprised the audience of "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" by appearing via satellite and announcing that she would fly them to Washington, DC for Stewart’s Rally to Restore Sanity, reports The Hollywood Reporter

According to the article, Oprah said, " ‘We need a bit more sanity in the world. I wanted to show my support for you, Jon, and your audience, so here’s what I did, I had my staff sneak into your studio with a little gift.’ She told them to look under their seats, where they found red envelopes. ‘You’re going to the rally!’ she yelled."

Furthermore, while it’s unclear whether the rally will be a real political event or entertainment, it will  will be covered live by the top television news networks, including Fox News, CNN and MSNBC, reports Bill Carter in the New York Times.

Comedy Central, Jon Stewart’s network, will provide live coverage of the full three-hour event, which is scheduled to begin at noon on Oct. 30, the story notes. The other TV networks will join a pool that will provide separate coverage of the rally, which has attracted about 300,000 people to sign up as attending.

Comedy Central said that it expects a permit for the National Mall, where the rally will be held, although it hasn’t officially been granted one yet, the article notes. The piece also points out that NPR’s news division and other news organizations have instructed their staff not to join in the rally, because it’s expected to veer enough into politics to qualify as an event journalists shouldn’t take part in.

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  1. ANY positive demonstration to show our national disgust to the self-centered lobbyists and the politicians they own within The Beltway is a good one.
    Assuming our votes get ACCURATELY counted, then we have a chance at sending the incumbants home for good.
    Too many millions are being flaunted about for “political campaigns” across the country.
    The buying and selling of our politicians must be curbed, (better yet ceased all-to-gether, but the latter will take a Herculean effort and TIME).
    So go, Jon Stewart make a valid point and a LARGE Impression.
    Peter Bright

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