Rick Sanchez Fired By CNN After Rant on Radio Show–Details Below

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Rick Sanchez has been fired by CNN, the Associated Press reports.

Here’s the background. On Thursday, Sept. 30, 2010, Sanchez was on a satellite radio show hosted by Pete Dominick. The interview can be heard below, thanks to Mediaite making it available.

The discussion on the show quickly turned to one about Jon Stewart, who has regularly made fun of Sanchez on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show.”

At one point Sanchez said the Stewart  is “upset that someone of my ilk is almost at his level,” the AP reported.

Furthermore, the AP wrote, “Sanchez said that Stewart is bigoted toward ‘everybody else that’s not like him.’ He said Stewart ‘can’t relate to what I grew up with,’ saying his family had been poor and he had seen prejudice directed at his father. Sanchez dismisses it when Dominick points out that Stewart, who is Jewish, is also a minority.”

After that, according to the report, Sanchez said, “I’m telling you that everyone who runs CNN is a lot like Stewart, and a lot of people who run all the other networks are a lot like Stewart, and to imply that somehow they, the people in this country who are Jewish, are an oppressed minority?”

Then, the AP said, Sanchez added a sarcastic “yeah” and later said, “I can’t see someone not getting a job these days because they’re Jewish.”

Sanchez is Cuban-American.

According to the AP, in letting Sanchez go “CNN issued a statement late Friday that said Sanchez ‘is no longer with the company.’ In it, the network also thanked Sanchez ‘for his years of service’ and wished him well.

The AP said it tried to reach Sanchez for comment but was not successful. The story also said that Stewart had no comment.

Here’s the radio interview between Sanchez and Dominick:


  1. I’m Latino, like Rick. However I have always found him to present himself as a bigger than Latino person and somewhat arrogant with his own race, as if he is “better”. He embodies the definition of a bigot. Many Latinos feel the same about him, and we actually do not like him. I agree with his firing. He is a NEWS ANCHOR .. and is supposed to be “objective”. I a perplexed to hear him vomiting hate when he was a beneficiary of the race card — because it was not his talent what got him there. He has always seen live with race in his mind .. how ignorant. Funny thing is he feels and acts white .. so as to erase his “hispanidad” because deep down he feels ashamed of his race as much as he feels ashamed of his dad, but tells the world people like Stewart can’t take his success because of his poor background and decides to take cheap shots. I have YET to see a show that stands more for minorities more than John Stewart or Steve Colbert. THEY do stand more for Hispanics — Stop being resentful for your upbringing Suarez and be proud of what you have achieved. We all are immigrants and at some point someone in our past toiled bath rooms or was a maid; I’m sure Stewart has that in his past and he would be proud. John is not only brilliant but a great supporter of rights. And bigot?? What the F77, Suarez! A Bigot John Stewart? Suarez should take a look at himself in the mirror to see a bigot in action. Greatly done CNN!
    And to those who love to hate Jews just because .. I hope you read about the history of human rights and see that the freedom you enjoy today is in part, due to the many battles of the Jews so be grateful. Suarez .. YOU are well gone and that makes us Hispanics happy because you are a shame for us

  2. At the risk of sounding racist, I will have to agree with his contention that Jews can hardly be called a minority in the media. It is also obvious that liberals far outnumber conservatives in the media, but what the heck was he thinking? When you have a high-paying job and you are surrounded by bigots who don’t think they’re bigots, you pretend to agree, you nod and you take your check to the bank. Just like a male nurse.

  3. No doubt he’ll soon have a lucrative contract with Fox the “fair and balanced” network that mirrors Rick’s insane brand of bigotry!

  4. I see both sides of this. I was formerly a news director in a small market. I had one Jewish kid just out of college and when I’d offered him a job, his colleagues told him… “You need to change your name, because you will otherwise be discriminated against because you’re Jewish.” I had also spent some 40 years in the business before retiring. In all that time as a Hispanic reporter, anchor and news manager I never had anyone discriminate against me. I do knows discrimination, in Pine Bluff, Arkansas one summer in the 60s we were visiting family, and we were asked to go around to the back to eat in the kitchen when we tried to go into a restaurant. When I was in high school, I was told by a girl’s mother, I couldn’t take her to the prom. A couple of times in the first and second grades, I got paddled speaking Spanish at school. Those are only a few times. I like Rick Sanchez and even though he’s quite a bit younger, I still look up to him for his work as a Hispanic.

  5. I am going have to say I didn’t care to watch Rick’s List on CNN and I’m not white either. I am more of a Fox news person just to put that out there. But I have to admit once the smoke cleared on this conversation, Rick does has a point. AS the saying goes, “There is never a group on the cutting edge or leading.” Rick dared to step out there and tell the story of what’s going on behind the scenes. Rick dared to challenge Jon Stewart and tell him enough is enough. Jon Stewart is more then a comedian and he has created a platform that will influence people. I don’t care for Jon’s show it’s a joke and that’s all he does is make fun of other people. Wow! He is adding what to society? How to belittle someone (as even the host stated) so that he can get numbers. It’s not about the people it’s about his paycheck and ratings. Wow wondering how it is to live a life believe that people cost less then a dollar. I’m with Rick on this point yet I don’t think he should have been fired, but not surprised that it happened. It does show the he did hit some nerves. You can’t hit a nerve if the person is speaking about something you think doesn’t matters. Some say he will be picked up by another TV station and I agree. This will help him out to progress his career. More people will buy his book just to find out what happened. Look at Ex-Pres. Bush many didn’t like him and talked about him, yet many bought and read his book.

  6. where rick comes from, the miami tv market, lots and lots of folks haven’t liked him since while working for a miami tv station he got away with killing someone when he was accused of drunk driving while leaving a sporting event and left the scene of the accident, like teddy kennedy got away with it, so basically he finally got what was coming to him just like oj

  7. You know, I am completely blown away because of that whole Rick Sanchez anti-semitic remarks thing. I mean I had this guys show on in the background just about every mid-day and it was as though I had Rick Sanchez as some type of good friend which kept me company. I had been always disapointed whenever Rick appeared to be off for the day or on holiday and somebody else would fill in for him. It really is just simply too much especially whenever you believe you already know an individual and it turns out you never knew them whatsoever. I know I seem childish saying these issues nonetheless it is true and I can’t change feeling just how I feel.

  8. I’m so Mad that CNN has chosen to get rid of Rick From the TV. His show has been among the few TV shows that I watched on a very usual schedule. His style was enjoyable and I didn’t feel as though the world appeared to be arriving at the Armageddon all the time like some other shows on cable. I’ll miss his “Rick’s List” the most. Makes you wonder though, since he’s been dismissed over his comments maybe he wasn’t far off from the truth of the matter. Rick out of Yellowstone

  9. 1st of all, that is NOT the entire radio rant by Sanchez. It’s here.. all 46 mins of it.
    2nd, the radio show host was a subsidiary of CNN.. he worked for CNN! (and) he also used to open for Jon Stewart so there was a personal connection.
    3rd. This all had little to do with Jews and Jon Stewart. Rick trashed his own employer. He called a celeb (in this case, Jon) a bigot.
    4th, Rick has to answer to CNN on and off the air.. he’s accountable to them. He’s supposed to be a journalist with his own tv show as a commentator on CNN. YOU CANNOT ACT THAT WAY AND SAY THINGS OF PERSONAL OPINIONS LIKE THAT WHEN YOU WORK FOR A NEWS ORG. A JOURNALIST IS SUPPOSED TO REMAIN (OR APPEAR TO REMAIN) NEUTRAL.
    5. I listened to the whole audio a few times. Rick reallllllly lost it. He hates Jon, he feels he as a hispanic is persecuted (never mind he had his own hour long show) and he went on and on about his own persecution by CNN and all those darn jews in media.
    6th, Rick thinks he’s an intellectual. He ABSOLUTELY thinks Jon went after him for only 2 reasons: 1) because he’s hispanic 2) because Jon wanted someone to trash at CNN to balance out his trashing of Fox. Rick feels his being made fun of is completely ungrounded.
    He went on and on and on about how oppressed he is or has been.
    listen to the whole audio. he went off his rocker and deserved firing.
    keep in mind that the guy who hired Rick was fired as CNN’s mgr last week and ppl at CNN didn’t like Rick and his show.. Rick’s only pal there was already gone.. he should have kept his mouth shut, done his job and kept his nose to the grind stone.
    he blew it and good riddance.. you needed a low IQ to tolerate his lame show anyway.

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