Study Tracks Growth in Young Women’s Purchasing Power as They Go Through Life Changes

Oct 26, 2010  •  Post A Comment

The more life transitions women have going on, the more valuable they are to advertisers, according to a study released today by Oxygen Media and research firm TRU.

The study surveyed more than 2,300 women, focusing on those in what the researchers call “transitionhood”–those going through changes such as moving in with a significant other, getting married or engaged, getting pregnant or having a baby, starting a career or buying a home.

The results of the study were announced today by Susan Malfa, Senior Vice President, Ad Sales, Bravo Media, Oxygen Media and Women at NBCU, and Tony Cardinale, Senior Vice President, Strategic Insights, NBCU Women & Lifestyle Entertainment Networks.

“Purchasing influence among young women increases to 91% while experiencing several transitions vs. 75% for those not in transitionhood,” the researchers concluded. “While going through multiple life changes, 34% say they’re more fashion-focused, vs. 17% for those not in this life-stage. And interest in technology is also increased at the height of transitionhood, with 38% of women in this phase saying technology is important to them, versus 22% for those not in transitionhood. The more transitions these women go through, the more connected they are, and the more in control and excited they feel about their life situation.”

Said Malfa: “This study helps us to better understand the behaviors and spending habits of young women in ‘transitionhood’ and how to superserve them as they move through each stage. Oxygen’s audience, who we call Generation O, targets and connects marketers to this highly consumptive young female segment.”

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