Talk Show Host Named Most Influential Man of 2010

Oct 26, 2010  •  Post A Comment

The host of a cable talk show has beaten out President Barack Obama and everyone else to be named the nation’s most influential man of 2010 by AskMen.com, USA Today reports.

The honor goes to Jon Stewart, host of Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show.”

Stewart will interview one of the men he beat for the title–President Obama–on Wednesday’s edition of Stewart’s “faux news” show.

“Stewart’s acerbic take on the madness around him continues to draw audiences who look to the funnyman as a voice of reason," the Web site says.


  1. So apparently my teachers long ago were wrong when they said, “Don’t be a smart mouth. You’ll never get ahead making fun of others.”

  2. Golly Gee Whillikers, Doug, you certainly are a wonderful boy. I’ll bet your teachers were real proud of you. Yessir, you certainly put that darned ol’ meanie Jon Stewart in his place, and he’s probably going to try very hard to make you like him from now on, but don’t give in! Make him toe the line! Be strong! You’re just too darn good a person to have to live in a world where people have those darn old smart mouths, aren’t you?

  3. RenoMike tells it like it is….RIGHTEOUS!!

  4. Wow looks like RenoMike below didn’t listen to those teachers either.

  5. I mean, I could see all this fuss over the guy if he’d led Jersey to the Finals

  6. It was great to see President Obama on The Daily show Last night. It was great to see the 2 most powerful men in US politics together.

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