Video: Juan Williams Goes Back on Fox News to Talk About Being Fired By NPR

Oct 21, 2010  •  Post A Comment

[To see the remarks made on "The O’Reilly Factor" that got WIlliams fired, click here. The video below is Williams’ response to being fired.]


  1. It wasn’t too long ago that people used to say “I can’t say that I am not scared when two black people are walking up the street towards me.” Juan was way out of line with his personal feelings, and more importantly, as a minority himself, he should have been more aware of his bigoted remarks. When you have the airwaves, you have the responsibility, not unlike Sanchez, Imus, Helen Thomas and others.

  2. Juan has been more of a FOX News type racist against blacks for many years. He’s frequently used by FOX to belittle the charges of racism from others. Now he’s free to be a right wing dupe, without the strings of acting impartial.

  3. Good for NPR, Juan Williams slant belongs to “Fake News” with the rest of the failed political candidstes Palin, Huckabee, or should I say the 2012 GOP Presidential contenders. They are not racist they are just the good old boys. They are the bunch that keep tellin us to be scared of BLACKS, scared of ASIANS, sacred of LATINOS, scared of WOMEN, scared of GAYS and now its be scared of Muslims. So long Johnny,don’t let the door hit you. I love that you went crying to “Fake News” and played the victim card, I guess its another “it is a high-tech lynching”.

  4. I get it…if it’s a “minority” on Fox they must be fake….you people are way to quick to judge.
    Not sure why it is racist, but most of us mere mortals have survival instincts that kick in when faced with even small groups of people that look just like those who have sworne to kill us…..some of our brains need a few seconds to make an accurate threat assessment…I don’t see why that is a bad thing.

  5. If it looks like a duck and it’s quacking, guess what ? It’s a da-n duck ! Juan, you are truly ‘da man ! Thank goodness some people have the cajones to speak the truth.

  6. I don’t know why npr didn’t fire him ten yrs ago when he started with FOX? I mean it’s like Obama working for the Chinese, didn’t they think that would be a conflict of interest? Did anyone see what what npr says backwards? rpn=raping? What Juan said was absolutely right and personal opinions should always be welcomed! http://www.lynnaluvers.com a story about a racist news anchor

  7. And who leaps to Juan’s defense? Whoopi Goldberg. You don’t have to be Einstein to figure that out. Let’s face it, everyone is racist at some level, but most are smart enough to watch what they say. It’s human nature to have racist discomfiture, but it’s ill-advised to reveal every socially-unacceptable feeling that crosses your psyche.

  8. So… if/when boarding a plane you see people dressed in Muslim clothing, you don’t notice and… wonder, at least a little, if they may have bad intentions?
    Stop lying. Stop being a hypocrite. Stop being PC. Be real. Be honest. And be kind.

  9. Juan Williams is guilty of stupidity not racism. What is “muslim clothing?” The answer: There is no such thing. Muslims wear what they want or follow the dictates of local custom and culture. It is the same as if he had said “catholic clothing.” It makes no logical sense.

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