ABC News’ Diane Sawyer Upset About Being on the Wrong Continent When News Breaks

Nov 29, 2010  •  Post A Comment

ABC News’ Diane Sawyer is upset with her "ABC World News" producers having her in the wrong place when news breaks, reports the New York Post’s Page Six, attributing the item to a "source."

According to the Post, "The source told us, ‘Diane is off-the-charts mad. She feels that she’s always poorly positioned. She was in China last week, while the news was in England with the royal engagement."

Our favorite line from the item: "She was even throwing around that she was in Afghanistan when the Haiti quake happened."

If true–and that’s a big if–a few things, Diane:

1) Earthquakes are a tad hard to predict, and

2) While the royal engagement was news of a sort, we’d have hoped you would have found some good hard news in China that would have kept you engaged…


  1. I’m surprised that someone intelligent like Diane would voice that opinion. Perhaps Diane prefers to be put in an orbiting spaceship that could come down to earth wherever news was breaking…

  2. Somebody tell Diane that the news is what people are watching and that any pretty face will do. What an ego.

  3. Well, maybe this will explain Diane’s constant, lachrymose “CONCERN’ over everything. Her frozen ‘concerned’ face turned me off long ago and slmost made me tune in Katie. Come on now, Diane, you work for ABC, not the other way around.

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