Harry Smith, Entire ‘Early Show’ Anchor Team Ousted

Nov 30, 2010  •  Post A Comment

CBS News announced today that it is making big changes to the “Early Show,” including replacing the anchors, Maggie Rodriguez and Harry Smith, with the Saturday anchors, Chris Wragge and Erica Hill, according to The New York Times.

Marysol Castro, who previously did weekend weather updates for ABC’s "Good Morning America," is replacing current weather guy Dave Price, the story says.

That’s not all: Jeff Glor, the "CBS Evening News" Saturday anchor, will deliver the news for the weekday “Early Show.”

In a statement, Sean McManus, the president of CBS News, said, “We think we have a terrific combination in Erica, Chris, Jeff and Marysol.”

The new lineup is scheduled to take over Jan. 3.


  1. Chris Wragge was the sports director for Houston’s NBC affiliate a few years ago, and he was a bright, enthusiastic, and talented individual (but he can’t play foosball worth diddly). He should do very well.

  2. Certainly interesting choices to take on Today and GMA…can’t get a handle on where CBS is going with this, but I’m sure it will be revealed soon enough. Any word on where Dave Price is rumored to land?

  3. I think this is just so sad to get Harry Smith and the entire Early Show Anchor Team Ousted. It is the season for given not for taking away people jobs. Remember Sean the president of the CBS news what goes around will come around someday to you also.

  4. Is Chris Wragge still doing the crazy news anchor Alycia Lane?

  5. I hope Harry Smith goes to Fox or CNN or some other network. He is great and I only watch CBS morning because of him. Wherever Harry goes, I will watch.

  6. You know when I hear the words “we think we have a terrific combination”, I know I’ve heard that too often before.

  7. Dear Harry I promise you I as a number one fan of the early show. because of you and Dave Price will never watch the show again. How can they think there rating will get better with erica hill and much less chris wraggie who both dont Have personaliltys like you And Dave? the show isnt even worth watching anymore! I very upset! Shame on them!good luck Harry and Dave

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  9. It seems that most of the commenters dont even read the post till the end.

  10. I just live how you run this blog, I wish that you posted more.

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