Entertainment Weekly Mag Makes Its Pick For ‘Best New Show on TV’ (Hint: It’s on Cable)

Nov 29, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Entertainment Weekly has made it’s its pick of the best new show on TV, the magazine reports.

The show is AMC’s magnum corpus delightful, "The Walking Dead."

Here’s an anecdote series star Andrew Lincoln tells EW happened when he was first approached about the show: " ‘I got an e-mail outlining the project,’ says Lincoln. ‘The first thing I read was ‘AMC.’ I went, ‘Great! I’ve been waiting for an AMC opportunity!’ Then it said ‘The Walking Dead.’ Terrific title. Then the names. ‘Frank Darabont.’ ‘Gale Anne Hurd.’ Great. And then it said ‘Zombie survival horror.’ I think I actually did a literal double take. I was like, ‘Really?!’ "

Here are the links to various stories EW wrote about "The Walking Dead" in the issue wherein it picked it as the best new show on TV: 

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  1. “has made it’s pick” I gather copy editors are among the walking dead.

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