Google Exec: Broadcasters Don’t Understand Google TV

Nov 2, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Broadcasters who are demanding payment before allowing their content to be seen on Google TV don’t understand the service, a top Google executive says, according to the Canadian Press.

According to the article, "Rishi Chandra, Google TV’s lead product manager, likened the broadcasters’ payment requests to a network demanding fees from Microsoft Corp. so video would work on its Internet Explorer browser."

The article continues, "Later, Chandra clarified his remarks to say that although Google TV would not pay to access online shows, another Google subsidiary, YouTube, could extend its advertising revenue-share model to the living room.

ABC, CBS and NBC have so far blocked full episodes from being viewed on Google TV.

According to the story, "Chandra, who made the initial remarks on the sidelines of the Streaming Media West conference, said it’s up to content providers to decide how much to charge consumers. He said Google TV is meant to supplement the cable and broadcast TV business model by adding Web access."

Google TV is planning on giving access to the subscription service Hulu Plus, the article says.


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