Hulu Cuts Subscription Price by 20% with Aim of Taking on Netflix

Nov 18, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Hulu is reducing the price of its subscription service by 20%, heating up its competition with Netflix, reports Bloomberg News.

Hulu Plus will now cost $7.99 per month, versus its pricing during the service’s trial period of $9.99 each month, the story says. Hulu Plus directly competes with Netflix’s test of a $7.99 monthly cost for an online streaming-only service in the U.S.

Netflix already offers a plan that costs $8.99 per month for unlimited streaming and DVD rentals, the story notes. Hulu customers who had signed up for the $9.99 service will receive a credit toward their next billing cycle, and new subscribers will receive a one-week free trial, the story notes.


  1. Dear Hulu,
    I love your service but this attempt to charge for it is ridiculous.
    The difference between you and Netflix is the fact that Netflix has always been a pay service offering one helluva great deal, whereas you just seem to be trying to create a second revenue source.
    When Netflix began making some of their library available directly on the site, they didn’t charge a premium — it just increased their overall value and hopefully boosted their subscriber base.
    When Netflix created a way for people to play movies and TV shows through their TVs, they didn’t charge a premium for that option — they rightfully charged for the software.
    As a consumer, I’d rather you charge the advertisers more by offering them a finely tuned customized marketing platform instead of charging me (the consumer) a “plus” service that doesn’t hold the same intrinsic value to me (the consumer) that your competitor’s service does.
    My suggestion to you — think like a consumer.

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