Oh, For Chrissake! You’re Sh—ing Me! Give Me an Effing Break!: PTC Says Profanity Has Risen an Astounding 69% in Past Five Years on Broadcast TV

Nov 9, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Some astonishing stats from the Parents Television Council, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Using the first two weeks of the fall broadcast season in 2005 versus the same time frame this year, the PTC says, according to the article, "The f-word was bleeped out or muted 11 instances in 2005 — and 276 times in 2010, an increase of 2,409%. Shit was bleeped out 11 times in 2005, and 95 times in 2010, up 763%, the study reports."

In total, profanity on broadcast TV increased 69% the study says, according to the article, with Fox having the biggest increase: 269%.

According to the report, "The PTC calls for ‘broadcasters to set parameters and publicly explain their broadcast standards. Advertisers must also ensure that the language they help bring into our living rooms is consistent with their hard-earned corporate brands.’ "



  1. I hope that report lists which shows are the “worst offenders.” I’ll be sure to watch those shows and buy products from those advertisers.
    F*** the PTC!!!

  2. You kiss your mom with that mouth?

  3. Define “Profanity” please?

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