Picketers Target NBC Reality Show

Nov 15, 2010  •  Post A Comment

The International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE) will send picketers to confront replacement workers hired by the production companies behind the NBC reality show “Biggest Loser,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The show’s 50-member crew has been on strike since last week as the workers are seeking a union contract with pension and health benefits, the story says.

"The crew has not lost their resolve in spite of the employer hiring replacement workers and being unwilling to discuss a contract. The IATSE will not lose our resolve to support them until this strike is over," said IA international president Matthew Loeb.


  1. I feel sorry for the employees who were convinced to give up their jobs. Outside of the government, the traditional union way of working is fast fading. It is a new day and if the unions want to survive in the private sector they need to make changes the same way the rest of business has had to change. A few more elections like the last and government might also get the message that they need to change and adapt to the 21st century.

  2. Is this 21st Century you speak of reminiscent of the 19th? You know, when workers had nothing to fall back on, and the wealth disparity between the few lucky enough to be (usually born) rich and poor was as great as you could imagine?

  3. The definition of current unions is:”legal extortion”

  4. The production unions deserve respect. Crews treated like the valuable contributers they are are not likely to rebel as this one has. By the time a labor dispute is this bad, it is NEVER about just money.
    I fail to see how following basic union rules for bathrooms, time on the job, turn around, and available meals would break a money maker like “Looser.” Why is the production company fighting this so hard?
    There’s something rotten here. Can it be that they don’t see the need to treat the crew as humans? We are not getting the full story.

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