Taking a Page Out of the Somerset Maugham Playbook (Hey, Isn’t That Something We All Do From Time to Time–At Least Those of Us Who’ve Heard of Him), Dan Rather’s Career Memoir Will Be Called ‘Summing Up.’ It’ll Be Out in 2012

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Dan Rather will publish a memoir about his career in a book called "Summing Up" that’s due to be released in spring 2012,reports the New York Times’ Media Decoder blog.

Rather, 79, said in a statement that "with the changing climate — and attitude — about news and journalists, I feel I can give readers an honest perspective on the present, and, more important, on the future of news.” The article notes the book will take a candid approach to the end of his career at CBS, where he left in 2006 after a bungled report into George W. Bush’s National Guard record.

Rather then sued CBS for $70 million over his ouster. In September, 2009, a court dismissed the lawsuit.

Since he left CBS Rather has been working for HDNet.

Somerset Maugham, by the way, one of the greatest writers of the 20th century, wrote his memoir "The Summing Up" when he was 64. Six years later, at 70, he published one of his best, most enduring novels, "The Razor’s Edge."  Maugham died at the end of 1965, about a month before his 95th birthday.

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  1. Dan Rather took over the CBS NEWS Anchor Desk after Walter in 1981 and has many things to share from his long, illustrious career. From Kennedy’s Assassination in Dallas, to verbal tag-play in the Presidential Briefing Room with Richard Milhaus Nixon, Dan-the-man has been in and out of the news along with reporting it. Keep it honest and straight forward and we all will be rivoted to your written words…no embellishments required, you’ve lived the “meat and potatoes” reporter’s life. I resigned from CBS NEWS right after the CAMPAIGN 80 Election. Too bad for me, the last thirty years would have been interesting to watch from within the (Blood-Shot) Eye Network.
    Peter Bright

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