Comcast, Government Talks Heat Up Over NBCU Acquisition; Hot Buttons are Net Neutrality, Program Access and Program Carriage

Nov 17, 2010  •  Post A Comment

With Comcast pushing to have its take-over of NBC Universal finalized by year’s end, talks have intensified between Comcast and U.S. regulators, Reuters reports.

The biggest issues concern net neutrality, program acquisition and program carriage, the article says.

Says the story, "Specifically, regulators are concerned that Comcast could be in a position to stifle the fledgling online video market if it assumes partial control of Hulu, a joint venture of General Electric Co’s  NBC Universal, News Corp  and Walt Disney Co. Regulators also want to prevent Comcast from anti-competitive discrimination with the wealth of programming and networks it will own once the deal closes, including leading networks like USA, Bravo and MSNBC."

The article also says, "One other area of interest for regulators is the ability of Comcast, as the No. 1 cable TV operator, to make it difficult for competing networks to get fair distribution on its cable systems. Companies like Bloomberg LP, whose TV business news network competes with NBC Universal’s CNBC, have raised this concern."

To address all these concerns, the story says, regulators will likely impose certain conditions on the deal.


  1. Concerned about what they might do? Look at what they have been doing with the networks they already own and how they have been denying them to competitors by trying to overcharge for them.

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