TV Station Cancels Two Newscasts for a Day After Made-up Story Controversy

Nov 15, 2010  •  Post A Comment

A TV station canceled two newscasts for a day after a pair of staffers were taped talking about making up stories about a Senate candidate, reports B&C.

Anchorage, Alaska station KTVA-TV, owned by Affiliated Media, was the station involved, the story says.

The two producers involved in the Oct. 28 incident were let go and the station, a CBS affiliate, opted not to produce a 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. newscast on Nov. 10 as it investigated, the story says.

Instead, the station aired "The New Adventures of Old Christine" during the time slots.

The incident happened when a KTVA newsroom employee didn’t properly hang up on the spokesperson for a senate candidate, Joe Miller, and then the employees talked about what the Miller campaign felt was a plan to fabricate stories about him to make him look foolish, the article notes. The conversation was recorded on the spokesperson’s phone, it adds.


  1. Actually, they were NOT “Making up stories” but were throwing out random possibilities. You know, “What if…?”
    Fairly common in a newsroom…

  2. For crissakes, just what is canceling two newscasts going to do to bolster the confidence people have in their local TV news operations? Makes ya sick!

  3. No doubt more democratic voting liberals-didn’t they learn from Dan Rather?

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