Highest-Paid CEOs in Media

Nov 15, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Leading the list of the highest-paid CEOs at a media company is Liberty Media Corp.’s Gregory Maffei, "taking home $87.1 million before taxes last year, according to a study by the Wall Street Journal," The Hollywood Reporter reports. [We are referencing the THR report because the WSJ is behind a firewall and may charge you to see its story.]

THR adds, "That was four times [Maffei’s] 2008 compensation package, reports the WSJ, which looked at the CEO salaries of all 456 of the biggest U.S. public companies."

The next highest compensation by a media  executive is Yahoo’s Carol Bartz, with a $44.6 million package, THR reports.

Following Bartz, according to the THR story, in the media category, are:

CBS’ Leslie Moonves, with a package of $37.6 million

Viacom’s Philippe Dauman’s package of $33.7 million

Ronald Tutor’s (of the company that’s buying Miramax Films) package of $23.7 million

Comcast’s Brian Roberts’ package of $22.1 million, and

Disney’s Robert Iger’s package of $20.1 million

And those are only the media executives in the top 20 of the 456 public companies in the survey.


  1. I know CEOs are paid a lot, but $87MM???? WOW!

  2. WTF! Carol Bartz is #2 at $44M as they continue to re-arrange the deck chairs at Yahoo. Seriously, something is very wrong if she’s making that kind of money as the stock continues to tank!

  3. omg $87m what a steal lol

  4. wow that a heap of money

  5. Now you know why they are Republikans

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