‘American Idol,’ Reading the Playbook of Reality Shows Such as ‘Real World,’ ‘Big Brother’ and ‘Jersey Shore,’ Adds Another Element to Show This Season

Dec 9, 2010  •  Post A Comment

It looks like "American Idol" is adding an element to its show this season that’s similar to one used by a number of  other reality shows.

"American Idol" producers and Fox are planning to have the top 12 finalists in the competition live together in a house in the Hollywood Hills, reports James Hibberd in the Hollywood Reporter’s The Live Feed blog.

It’s unclear whether the house will become a visible part of the show, with behind-the-scenes footage and confessionals becoming part of "Idol,"  the story notes.

But the producers do plan to allow the Top 12 to chat with fans through Twitter while living in the house, the story says.

They also may give "Idol" contestants a break with a road trip to Las Vegas, with a potential integration with Cirque du Soleil’s "Love" show, which is inspired by the Beatles, the story notes.


  1. Haven’t they already done this in the past???

  2. Absolutely stupid. It is not necessary.

  3. Nothing new here. They already did this when the show first began. What’s the big deal? Doesn’t make the talent any better or the voting system more fair.

  4. Yes – what ‘new’ element? They DID do this in the first season. Do they cynically think the country has mass amnesia when they pretend this is new? It didn’t work THEN – it felt tired and imitative THEN.
    What next — will they bring Brian Dunkleman on as a ‘new’ co-host?

  5. Oh, is that all? From the headline, I believed that all of the contestants were going to be morons.
    My bad.

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