Fox Hit With Lawsuit Over Idea for ‘Lie to Me’

Jan 25, 2011  •  Post A Comment

Fox’s drama series "Lie to Me," which stars Tim Roth and is in its second season, is the subject of a lawsuit brought by John Gertz Productions and novelist Roderick Anscombe, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The plaintiffs say the network stole their idea for the TV series. JGP acquired the rights to "The Interview Room," Anscombe’s novel, in 2005, two years before they pitched the project–dubbed "Lie to Lie"–to Fox. After working with Fox to turn the project into a TV show, JGP and Anscombe were dumped. The network reportedly indicated at that time that it was abandoning the project.

JPG and Anscombe are now suing Fox, executive Simon Andreae and Imagine Entertainment for breach of contract and breach of confidence, saying the network used the ideas from "Lie to Lie" to create "Lie to Me."

Fox has not commented on the suit.

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